next in the line up of Studio Gs!!! and boy are they good!!

You saw it here first! just when i think they can’t possibly keep it going the folks at Studio G do it again – these are in the early stages so won’t be out for a few months – i’ll post dates when i have them!! Some pics are small so click on them to see better!!!

How freakin cute are these???????

and FAIRIES!!!!!!!!!!! a whole set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then this is a big set that should be in stores very soon….

And this one will be on sale right here at Pez-A-Doodles!!

as always – my undying gratitude to anyone who can get the Michaels and ac moore ones for me as i can never get them!!!

I have series 26 in stock now and ready to go so be sure to get your set and join us over at The Planet for our group focused on getting these babies out and outitng them to use!


5 Responses

  1. Wow, those are some great stamps. I hate when they release them to AC Moore though and Michael’s, as I am in the same boat as you, can never find them. Probably because I never have time to drive the distance to one of their stores.

    I think with those larger lots, it is going to be harder for people to buy extra sets when they see them to help those of us that don’t have access. Sigh, I would love to have a lot of those shown.

    At least you offer some sets so we know we can always get those. 🙂

    If you ever think of another design to do for stamps, would love to see a line done in a variety of ice cream goodies. Since I have an ice cream business, we are always trying to make up cards for our regular customers when it comes to birthdays. Having some ice cream stamps would be perfect. You can find hand dipped ice cream stamps, just not soft serve or sundae style. Think of the possibilities with a set where you can stamp your own banana split with goodies on top. hint hint hint


  3. WOW! look at all those wonderful stamps!

  4. I LOVE faeries!! Does this mean I can’t purchase the faerie sets anywhere other than at Michaels? That is what I am understanding, but if I could purchase them here I’d do it right now…heh and break my NY resolution, lol.

  5. Came back to look some more. On the set that you will have available for sale, will the graduation stamps have 2008 or 2009?

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