Tim holtz’s tags 3 & 5 – used in LOs…

i have a couple more tags done from t!m’s tutorials. The grungeboard pieces are fairly large so my finished pieces were larger than i wanted to use for a card or gift item. then i spotted the two LO sketches i had printed recently by valerie salmon and it hit me – i could use the pieces to prep some christmas LOs!

here is tag 5:

rather than use a tag i just cut a shape with my nesties and followed tim’s tutorial. i used a outdoor snow scene for my background.

here is the sketch i decided to use it with from got sketch.

and here is the resulting LO:

next up is my version of tag 3:

I used this LO from got sketch

and here is my LO (with a “marker” where the pic would be):

these were SO much fun and came together so quickly and easily once the “tags” were done! what do y’all think????

now a little glimpse of the shenanigans that go on while i am trying to snap pics for the blog:

seems i have a little camera hog on my hands!

this is the face we get when we tell her to smile…..


3 Responses

  1. Totally wonderful work!

  2. I love tha way you used the “tim tags” on a lay out.

  3. Love the cards. So much detail. Gotta love kids. She is such a cutie. Love the eyes.
    Happy Holidays

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