AAAANNNNNDDDD here we go again!!! studio G

that’s right – i got word on the next set – so here it is folks – series 26!

These are SO exciting since last year the only valentine/st patricks day/easter sets last year were only at AC Moore. i will have them up on the website later today. i am told delivery date is dac 29th but i am SO not buying it this time so i am going to estimate mid january. i already put my order in!

and next up – more of those fabby little inks!!!

now right off the bat i see white and black which were in other sets and it is hard to tell if any other colors are repeats so i will be looking into this. no word on additional glitter glues yet…..

be sure to check back in later for a super cool bday gift set i made to enter in Taylor’s top chef contest!!


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  1. Hi Pez,
    what a great blog and site! I’m not too far from you; I live in Fredericksburg, VA.
    I found your site when I was searching last night for Studio G Ink pads, and your site came up in the search results.
    Yesterday, I was at JoAnns craft store and I found these adorable little pigment pads! This was the first time I had ever seem them. I am a fan of the $1 stamps they make (and have a bunch of them) but I’d never seen the ink pads. In fact, some of them were on sale for .50 and others were $1. How exciting – I figured their small size would make them ideal to pack in a crop bag.
    My question is this: I noticed there are no color names on the containers. Odd, no? Do you know of a list anywhere that tells the names? You know how the colors can look different in diff light, so I would like to label them.
    Thanks so much.

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