there’s some new goodies being released today over at Whiff of Joy!! i only recently discovered them myself and have been avidly watching all the sneak peeks on the design team’s blogs. I am thinking several will be finding their way to my home…….someone recently asked me about boy images – there are some in this new release so HURRY ON OVER!!

these WOJ images come as unmounted rubber so i thought i would dedicate today’s post to my newest “product I adore” – Tack N Peel!!
most stamps seem to come unmounted these days – i usually mount mine on ez mount. tried covering the back with aleen’s tack it over and over but i was tacking things to the stamp that just did NOT go there and getitng the stamp stuck on things – i am obviously to messy for that route!

however i HATE the sticky time consuming mess that is ez mount. and i am ashamed to show you this but i have had THIS ->
pile of brand new rubbah (god i hope hubby isn’t looking…) sitting on my table for weeks and so I pull out some Tack N Peel i ordered from Tsukineko back when i first started carrying their products. WELL this stuff is FABulous! can you imagine how long it would take to ez mount all THAT RUBBAH!!!!!

Instead here is what I have now – the yellow rectangle on the right shows what the tack n peel looks like out of the package (but bigger – it is 4″ x 7″). i simply laid my acrylic block on top, drew a line to cut it to size, cut it and peeled off the yellow paper. this reveals a sticky side and i laid that down on my block – lemme tell ya – this stuff sticks! what i have now (you can see in this pic) is my block, tack n peel and a protective clear sheet.

when i want to use an acrylic stamp i simply stick it onto the protective clear sheet just like the plain block – works just the same. BUUUUUT

when i want to use some good ole rubbah i just peel the protective sheet off and stick the stamp right on. stamp and remove. Replace protective cover. so now i only have ONE sticky surface to worry about AND i can use my stamps as soon as i get them. i LOVE it!!!!! if the TnP starts to lose it’s stickiness just wash it off and let it air dry!! now i ask you does it get any better!! i am ALL ABOUT instant gratification! i am stocking this on the website so if you need some for all those faboo WOJ stamps you get run over and plop some in your cart!!

happy shopping!


5 Responses

  1. Hi Marti
    I’ve been using the tack it over and over and it’s a mess! I might need some of this, it sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Christien

  2. That stuff sounds really great.

  3. I love this stuff. I have a couple of different size blocks that have it in them.

  4. oh I need to get some.

  5. Saw the reference to Tack & Peel on the SCS forum. Where do you purchase it?

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