blog candy, new stamps and CHA OH MY!!!!! plus a little stickles tutorial for you

GOODNESS!! what a busy day yesterday! i wanted to post all day and next thing i know the day is over! SO we have LOTS to cover today all in one post i guess! Where DO i start…..?? Grab a cup of coffee guys……

well i know – let’s start with FREE GOODIES!!!!! i passed 25,000 hits yesterday and to me that just seems mind-boggling – i am HONORED that you take time to read my blog and look at my little creations – i LOVE to do this and i LOVE to share it with all of you. i especially love getting your comments so i hope to get more of those! as a thank you i have a little prize to give away!

I have three wood mounted stamps i just got in from Inkadinkado – one is a gorgeous flourishy christmas angel new for this season and the other two are cute little cupcake and ice cream stamps that i just couldn’t pass up. In addition i am including THREE of the brilliance pearlescent dew drop inks available on my website – red and green for Christmas and chocolate for the cupcake icing and ice cream 🙂 BUT i am going to make ya’ll earn it!! ha ha!! so copy and paste the following questions into your comments and then answer them – winner will be by random drawing and you have until tuesday morning at 8 am to post your entry. winner will be announced in tuesday’s post! and here’s your questions:

Do you make halloween cards and if so how many?
Do you make Thanksgiving cards and if so how many?
Do you make Christmas cards and if so how many?
Do you make your gift tags and bags for your Christmas gifts?
when will you be starting?

i started my first ones last week! am i crazy????

This leads me into my next topic – new stuff for the store! I am adding SO MANY new things to the website i am not even sure where to start! for the most part it is stuff i have received requests for. the most exciting thing is the complete line of Inkadinkado clear holiday stamp sets!! these are NEW for this season and oh my are they ADORABLE!!! but the best part is that they are solid and look FAB with the brilliance Pearlescent dew drops i added recently. i am thinking quick AND easy but with lots of bang for your buck!! there are wonderful images for your focal point as well as gorgeous flourishes for your backgrounds. if you like flourishes you have GOT to check these out. i have them in stock now but am waiting for dh to fix my scanner so i can get better pics up on the website for purchasing. the pics on the inkadinkado website are just too small to see all of the wonderful detail of these. now that i have been added as a certified retailer for inkadinkado please let me know if there is anything you want special ordered too – there are a TON of superb wood stamps too for this season and i will special order for anyone who asks. these clear sets retail for $10.29 but for now will have special pricing – just $8.50!
ready for some peaks?????

Other new items coming to the store soon – more colors in the brilliance dew drops line although these are not pearlescent – just really good inks 🙂
FULL size Mementos ink pads – i have had SO many requests for these i am finally getting them in
Ranger’s CHA releases – Designer Stickles, Glitz Stickles, metallic crackle paints, and YUMMY new grungeboard – including GRUNGEBOOKS!! All are up for pre-order now – they all usually sell out so fast on the first round of shipments! so i am trying to be sure i order enough to go around!

In Tim’s own words:
NEW metallic and white distress crackle paints. the white (called picket fence) is a pure white crackle paint – sure to please many requests from some of you. the 3 metallic crackle paints are so incredible and are slightly different than the regular distress crackle formulation. these metallics create a “crazing” effect that look like vintage shattered glass. you have to see them to believe them…

NEW distress stickles! stickles you say? yes stickles! but these aren’t your ordinary stickles (of course), this formulation combines a pearlized glitter instead of metallic glitter and composed of carious particle sizes. pair that with the popular color palette of distress and you have a very vintage (almost mica looking) distress glitter glue. the texture is amazing, the colors are amazing and the results…still pure distress.
I will have many other new items from Tim and Ranger going up too. Know you want something and want me to special order it for you – just let me know and i will get it in.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!! ha ha ha! while we are all thinking about stickles – i had a customer request for a tutorial of sorts (*waving HI to Charlotte*). not so much a tutorial as an idea demonstration so here it is – what are some of the ways to use stickles on LOs? now i was hoping to get more LOs completed but i tell ya CHA craziness has been kickin my butt – so i only have a two pager done but lots of stickles! used christmas frosted lace, Christmas red, and cotton candy stickles plus opal liquid pearls (liquid pearls are also coming to the store soon…):

first and foremost are stickles dots! here i have used them to border some of the pics. i also LOVE glitter papers but often i either don’t love the pattern or don’t love the colors. with stickles you can make your own out of whatever patterned paper suits your fancy. here i added frosted lace on the dots of the patterned paper.

you can also cover large areas with stickles – i love using them to “frost” my cupcakes. i am constantly asked do you really need all the colors – i never thought so until i got them!! but on the cupcake trio i give you three different looks to see for yourself. all of the icings were cut from pink paper. the first is frosted with frosted lace, the middle one is frosted with opal liquid pearls (paint it on with a paintbrush) and the third one is frosted with cotton candy. Another idea not shown here is to highlight any of your stamping with stickles. so charlotte i hope you like it!!!!! i have another customer challenge coming up soon – if YOU have any requests/challenges for me PLEASE send them i LOVE it LOVE it!!!!

ok i have more but y’all have probably had enough – if you are STILL reading than thank you!!!!!!!


53 Responses

  1. From your list, I only make Christmas cards. Last year was my first time so I only made 10 cards. This year I want to send all handmade cards, so I guess about 40. Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  2. I don’t make Halloween or Thanksgiving cards, but I do make table decorations, small gifts, gift bags, etc. for both occasions. I don’t make many Christmas cards as we send Christmas letters with photos. But I do make Christmas ornaments as gifts, as well as gift bags, boxes and sometimes tags. (I still have a lot of bought tags from after Christmas sales.) I make them all year round whenever I see something I like. And because I do lots of small gifting, I usually make 10, 20 or 30 of something because there are that many (in my family alone!) that I give to.


  3. Do you make Halloween cards and if so how many?
    No, we don’t do much of anything for Halloween.
    Do you make Thanksgiving cards and if so how many?
    Nope, I just eat.
    Do you make Christmas cards and if so how many?
    Usually none, but it depends on my mood. I did make some last year for my husband’s co-workers.
    Do you make your gift tags and bags for your Christmas gifts?
    No, I just write the names on the wrapping paper.
    When will you be starting?
    Looks like I don’t do any of it so I guess I don’t have to start :o)

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