ugh apologies all around!!!

SO SORRY i have not posted the next tutorial!!! my mother has been in town and then my brother arrived yesterday AND the boys left for their dad’s yesterday – needless to say i have not got much done!!! plus my mom is sleeping down in the basement where my scraproom is so i can’t get in there at my usual time and play!!!

updates on studio G series 14 – no luck at my M’s so far – doubt i will get much for this one – i’m hoping i get a set for myself!!!

series 15 & 16, ink pads and wood alphas – i was told on Friday they are behind on shipping – some have gone out but others have not. mine should be going out this week – CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!

Inkadinkado $1 clear stamps – paperwork is still being processed but i hope to get final word this week!

tsukineko inks – brilliance, encore, versamagic – those should begin arriving this week too!

hoping things get back to normal tomorrow!!!


2 Responses

  1. I found series 14 at my M’s on Friday, 6/20. I only found 16 different ones, but remember seeing in a post where they had 20 total in the series. Good luck with finding them in your area!

  2. I’ve been pretty fortunate in finding the Studio G Michael’s releases here in Northern California. But I usually have to make a detour when out and about because my local store seems to be stuck with a lot of series 7 and hasn’t stocked any new ones in a while! lol
    eBay has had a few series 14 sets posted with 16 being the total. I do remember seeing a picture that had series 14 total being 20 total packs. It will be interesting to see what the real count is. I am off to hunt down this next set!

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