and the FUN continues!!!!

good morning!!! well i have nothing to post because we are still without electricity so i am not on my computer. HOWEVER we are supposed to get it back by 10pm AND Jen and Amy (if she has electrcity since she lives down the road) should have some wonderful pezadoodly things to show you today! so scoot on over there!

i DO have a winner for you – AVRA!!! so drop me an email and thank cat for entering you when you couldn’t do it!!!

as for the contest for today – up for grabs TWO crackle paints! so leave me a comment and tell me your FAVE dessert! hahahhahah – sorry that’s the best i can come up with on no sleep thaks to the neighbors generator and a one year old and open windows…….


42 Responses

  1. Strawberry shortcake…mmmmmm and add a drizzle of chocolate syrup. mmmm

    Thanks for the chance.

  2. OMG no electricity! Hopefully you get it back soon. If I had to pick a favorite desert it would be ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s to be exact. As a matter of fact I’m eating some right now.

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