Technostamper monday sketch :)

Each Monday Mary Jo over at Technostamper releases a fun sketch and I just recently started playing along – i LOVE it!! so here is this week’s sketch:

And here’s my version:

it is not very fancy but i just LOVE Purely Pomegranate paper and adore this designer print from Stampin Up. The stamps is the last from my cracked glass spree i went on – if some is good, more is better!

All of the series 11 i had found sold out in 24 hours SO i am hoping to land some more but it is VERY iffy!! i LOVE all of your comments so far and wish i could respond to them all but i would surely be on here for far too long and might end up divorced HA HA!!

well i have lots of fun ideas but unfortunately i am off to do housework and taxes – oh glory days……


3 Responses

  1. Very pretty and cute at the same time! Great job. Thanks for playing.

  2. TEEEELL me I got my order in before you sold out!!! LOL…

    But that wasn’t actually why I was commenting. I got sidetracked again…Studio G is my addiction and you’re my dealer…LOLOLOL…

    I LOVE that card! And you’re right, that paper is yuuuum-my! What is it? Who is it by? Where can I get it?

    I wish I could start taking part in some challenges and sketches…but I’m scared I’ll buckle under the pressure…you did a great job though!

  3. I love those papers, my favourite colour! I think i might give the sketch a try over the weekend.. assuming I get an hour to spare while the kids are home from school.. glory days is right! LOL

    p.s. can’t wait to get Series 11!!!!

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