Studio G series 11 – LADIES!! may i have your attention puh-leeeezze…..

That’s right you are looking at series 11 – just got them home AND my months of hard work will be paying off in the form of 45 sets to sell – they will be available on my website for $20 and will ship in approx. 2 weeks at . BUT one lucky person will get a set now! that’s right I have one to give away – how you ask?? just leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this set – be sure you don’t leave it anonymously – and on Friday night I will draw a random winner.

hope to have a few projects up by then too!

It’s so funny as I read ya’ll’s comments – i too am glad they radically changed their designs – i was SO afraid it would just be more fo the same…….!!


190 Responses

  1. Oh I love these…much more versatile than the sets they have been having. Haven’t seen them at my Michael’s so I hope I win. I can’t wait to see the projects you do with them. Thanks! Tammy C.

  2. I think this one is my favorite set to date. I just love the swirls and I love the months as well

  3. OH, My Gosh!!!!
    These just keep getting better and better!!!!!
    I can really see these used on my cards and in my scrapbook pages!

  4. wow!!!!!! I love them. OMG I would love to win them

    Linda (lvelez2512 from ckmb)

  5. They are on the up and coming list now…….no more of that funky looking stuff. These are really wonderful! I’d love to win as well!

    acclack at msn dot com

  6. Wow…Thanks for putting together all of the stamps. It helps me see all the new ones and which ones i need to get. I want them all. I hope i win.

  7. wow this is the best set ever! count me in for a chance to win~~~


  8. Wow, awesome set. I would love to win this set.

  9. This set seems to take such a different and artistic approach than the previous sets. They really appeal to me for so many different applications.
    Thanks so much for offering us all a chance at these!

  10. Wow-they are great would love to add them to my very small collection!!

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