Studio G $1 clear stamps – series 11-15

so – bad news everyone – series 11-15 are exclusive releases and will only be available at the following stores/times:

Series 11 Rendezvous Collection by Kolette Hall, available at Michael’s late February ’08, 16 sets, packaging is brown

Series 12 Everyday designs by 3 Bugs in a Rug, available at Michaels March-April ’08, 24 sets, packaging is light blue.

Series 13 – Summer designs Grads/Prom/July 4/Wedding by several designers, available at AC Moore April ’08, 24 sets, packaging is multi-color

Series 14 – Everyday designs by Katie & Co., available at Michaels May-June ’08, 16 sets, packaging is pink.

Series 15 – Alphabet samps, available at Joann’s July ’08, 9 sets, packaging is light green

this means other retailers like me will NOT be allowed to purchase these and carry them in our stores. I have asked my rep if there will be any sets NOT done as exclusives so everyone can get them but I have not heard anything yet. So bitterly disappointed in their decision!!


One Response

  1. That’s not FAIR!!! I love being able to buy them from you. It’s such a pain having to go from store to store to find the whole set!

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