series 10 series 10 series 10

I am all in a frenzy waiting for the Studio G series 10 $1 stamps to arrive – as is everyone who’s waiting on their order!! i know i am in line to ship but i guess they ship as many as they can each day – so i hope they arrive soon. tried to dig up info on any future series but came up with nothing! i AM thinking about adding some more of their items to my website but can’t decide….

do have some good news – i have been OBSESSED with Tim Holtz’s 12 tags of Christmas techniques – went out and bought everything i could find in his line and have been playing with it for a week and coming up with some truly horrible looking things!! but i think i finally got the hang of it and actually made something ogrgeous today – just in time – it’s a rose from one of the SU sets that just got retired and my step mom is having hip replacement surgery tomorrow. SO i think it will make a beautiful get well card and so fitting since she is the one who got me into this card making craze i have been in. Hopefully i’ll have it completed to post tomorrow and maybe add the technique to one of my workshops.

well i’m off to eat lunch – SO for all you Studio G fanatics – they’re coming!!! i’m just as anxious as you and PROMISE I will get them out ASAP when they hit my door step – even if I have to put the boys to work matching up sets for ya’ll!!!!


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