Studio G – next series is out!

i have been getting ALOT of emails about this next studio g series – birdcage – and it is finally ready!

i only have 10 sets available and will not be getting anymore in!!!

so if you want one order it NOW as these go lightening fast!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

i was told my sets are shipping today so i expect to send them out next week.


Studio G has outdone themselves this time!!!

Pezzy is sitting cross from me as i type…she is painting…EEK this girl REALLY gets into her painting!  but a breakfast room table isn’t REALLY good until it is covered in permanent remnants of your children’s craft projects.  we had a super cheap walmart wood table when the boys were little.  when they had finally outgrown fun with mommy time (*sniff sniff*) i just borrowed a sander and took the whole top layer off – it was COVERED in glue, glitter and paint of all kinds from years of make n do!  then i stenciled a cute little ivy design long the edges and polyurethaned the top – ta da! brand new table!

Mommy's lil' crafter


confession time – wanna know the pathetic part – the child has red paint and blue paint…that’s it….so this morning she says well mommy, you know we could mix them to make new colors…plural…..i said ummmm well we can make purple…thats it….

so we are going to make the trek out to AC Moore which is where i found these paints and the glitter glue and add to them – i want the same kind and haven’t found it anywhere else.  i’m thinking, you know, at least a freakin yellow right?!?!?!  hahahhah!

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no project for ya because i have LOADS of studio G news instead.  now anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows i am a studio G fanatic.  there are so stinkin’ CHEAP and yet i am always impressed by the quality!  well they have REALLY stepped it up a notch  – the most recent catalogue knocked my socks off!

you may remember the last group of goodies – the usual cute stamps plus note pads and such to match – INSTANT GIFT SETS!!!!  oh let me refresh your memory:

LOVE IT!  anything to make it easier on ME right!!!  you can pre-order these right now – i am only getting a limited number in.

well THEN i got the files for halloween oh MY!  y’all ready for this?

i-cling - red rubber stamps on cling foam

i-clear halloween 2010 (same as we are used to - new name)

soloz - larger clear stamps

 wait for it….CHALK INK PADS!!!  the pigment ones have been really superior so i am very excited about these!

CHALK ink pads!!

Sparkle Writer Glitter Pens

And i saved the best for last…..*swoon*

Rub Ons

Glitter Stick-EZ

The images in the stick-ez are double sided adhesive – you stick it on your paper and then sprinkle the included glitter over them – YAY!!  deosn’t get easier than that and i DOUBT you will find these anywhere for $1 like you can get from Studio G!

can we get three cheers for bob over at Hampton Art!!!  he really outdid himself with these!  i can’t imagine what he has in store for us for Christmas!  Three cheers for cheryl too who puts up with my constant perstering!!!



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Valentine’s Day project – got Studio G??

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I spent ALOT of years with no valentine so it is really nice to have my hubby now!  he totally surprised me with an awesome Pandora Bracelet – a combo anniversary/valentine gift.  i have seen these and was really intrigued even though i am not much of a jewelry girl.  it is very much like a slide bracelet (my all time fave) but the charms are round and slide onto a single strand instead of double.  i have two charms on it – an M and a Heart one.  then he will add charms as we go – they have them for everything he says – birthstones – so i can do me, him & the kids, and all sorts of theme ones – plus alot of them are a combo of silver and gold which i especially like.  while he was picking it out i apparently got him a watch for our anniversary/valentines day tee heeee!  watches are his weakness and he had not gotten a new one in a long time!  it is really cool – you can see the mechanisms doing their thing – i love that kind!


if you have not already done so BE SURE to head over to the Creative Inspirations blog and sign up to be a follower – Molly is giving away 5 POTS of deeLISH shimmering paints to a lucky randomly chosen winner!!!!  Today is the last day to sign up!


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in addition i made him something of course!  i saw this idea weeks ago on two peas but can’t remember where or i could link it up.  you know those stacks n stacks of studio Gs you all have?  well PULL THEM OUT!!

here’s a closer look at them:

this was fun to put together.  i started by choosing the size frame i wanted.  this one had an opening for 8.5″ x 11″ but a word of warning – doesn’t quite measure exactly so i ended up with more squares than i needed.  next i took an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and cut the squares out using the George cartridge – love that one!  so useful!  if you have an Expression you don’t even have to try and calculate how m,any squares you need.  i decided i wanted to work with 1.5″ squares so i set my cricut setting on that, picked the squares with the rounded corners and then chose the fill page option.  TA DA – all the squares i need. 

next i had to decorate them – i decided to do them in groups of 4 and used technique junkies techniques for each grouping with all of my various Studio G valentine stamps.  PERFECT!  whats technique junkies techniques?  Technique Junkies is a FABULOUS newsletter put out every other month by Pat Huntoon and it is LOADED with all sorts of fantastic ideas and techniques with detailed instructions.  i have been getting it for years and could not go without it!  so i will give you the name of each one here from the newsletter.

Shimmers Direct


Double Bugging

Marker Thumping

Watercolor Smooch

The latest newsletter focused on shimmering paints so there were lots of good ideas and instructions to use Smooch & Inpsirations Paints been having fun experimenting with!

the last two collections of squares i used shimmering spritzes and it gave me a chance to compare two different kinds:

Shimmerz Spritz

Smooch Spritz

Of all of the  ready made shimmer sprays available i definitely prefer smooch – and they announced 8 more colors at CHA – Good News!  Those as well as shimmerz and the Inspirations paints are all available at a great price from SCACD!

i finished of with the word love from the sweetheart cricut cartridge.

i made another one with a recent release of studio Gs at Michaels as a gift for Bob Gallagher – the studio G guy himself:

This one was done a bit differently – i cut 2″ squares and then before i took them off the cutting mat i placed a tim holtz mask over them and sprayed with distress ink pearl mist.  i rubbed the base piece with two colors distress inks, stamped the studio G images on the squares and then edged them with distress ink.  i smeared some distress stickles here and there on the corners.  the word and bird images re cut with the songbird cricut cartridge.  i think he liked it….

i had so much fun with these i am going to make another one for my mom – easter but BIGGER.  she does a big easter family reunion crawfish boil every year so it will be a nice present when i go down for that!

and now i am off to clean the house – ICK!!!

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STUDIO G – get them now!

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ok i know a bunch of y’all have told me you wish i had the new studio Gs up for ordering – well they are up now!  i confirmed delivery dates and they will all be going out in mid January.  i will be getting in the usual clear stamps, ink pads and glitter glue.  in addition i will be bringing in a LIMITED number of the wood sets as well (i usually don’t do these), some cute alpha sets and BRAND NEW $1 FLOCKING – LOTS of colors in this set!!

>>CLICK HERE<< to order

happy shopping!

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the latest from Studio G!!!

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ok now y’all DON’T EGG ME!!! i realize we are only just getting into Christmas stuff and still finishing up Halloween but i like to share stuff with you ASAP when I get it so here are the latest from Studio G for early 2010 – these will be shipping end of December – just in time to get going on spring stuff as soon as Christmas is over!
first SOMETHING NEW!!! Studio G has decided to put out a full set of super soft flocking!!! this is a great way to stock up on lots of colors to play with!
easter 2010 flocking


here is the set of clear stamps – everyone’s favorite! – this time the set is smaller – a little easier on the collectors *grin*

easter 2010 clear stamps

i will also get in a VERY LIMITED number of the wood mounted this time due to lots of previous requests

easter 2010 wood stamps

Of course there are some fun springtime ink pads and glitter glues – these ink pads work so perfectly with the clear stamps – the image is crisp & clear every time!!

easter 2010 ink pads

easter 2010 glitter glue

finally a new set of wood alphas – i will be getting a VERY LIMITED number of these in as well!

$1round_alphas copy

now how’s that for a great set of goodies to look forward to?!?!  and if you know anyone new to stamping or papercrafting pass the word on as these are a great way to add alot to your stash without a lot of pain to your wallet!  These are all up on the website now for early birds but i will probably want to get through Christmas too before i think much more about them!!

and don’t forget about the Studio G challenge - current one ends saturday night so get your entry in for a chance to win a stamp set!!!


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